The CCG4 Child Safety Energy Saving Smart Strip Surge Protector

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To use the CCG4 simply plug the main device, usually your TV or Computer, into the blue 'Control' outlet. Plug anything you do not want to lose power, like your Cable Box, DVR, router, modem and/or clocks, into the red 'Constant Hot' outlets. Last you will plug anything you want to save energy with, like your VCR/DVD players, game consoles, sound systems, monitors and printers, into the green 'Automatically Switched' outlets. Then when you turn on your TV or Computer the Smart Strip will automatically supply or remove power to the 'Automatically Switched' outlets accordingly.

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CCG4 Specs

Total # Of Outlets: 10 Outlets Total;
1 'Control Outlet'
4 'Constant Hot Outlets'
5 'Automatically Switched Outlets'
  Maximum Power Rating: 1875 Watts,
15 Amperes,
125 Volts, 50/60 Hertz
  ETL Certifications: Equivalent to
UL 1449 3rd Edition
and UL 1363 3rd Edition
  Breaker Switch: UL Required 15 Ampere
Lighted breaker switch
  Fuses: 3 Internal Fuses  
  Maximum Surge Voltage: 6,000 Volts  
  Maximum Spike Current: 180,000 Amperes  
  3-Way Surge Protection: 3,600 Joules with <1 ns response time  
  UL Voltage Protection Rating
330V L-N, 400V L-G, 400V N-G  
  EMI/RFI Noise Filtration: Up to 70dB from 100KHz to 50MHz  
  Cord Length: 6' Heavy Duty Power Cord
With 90° Space Saver Plug
  Wall Mountable: Yes  
  Indicators: Separate Ground; Surge
and Switched Outlets 'ON' Indicator
  Stand-by Current Use: .35 Watt idle current in stand-by mode  
  Generation: 3rd Generation Smart Strip Technology  
  Current Sensor: Ultra safe patented passive current sensor  
  Adjustable: Adjustable Switching Threshold  

Additional Protection

Additional Phone/Fax-line surge protection
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What Can I Save Money On?
The Smart strip can be used to save energy on computer systems, office setups and home entertainment systems mostly. They can also be used to automate lights & vacuums on your shop equipment and various other situations around homes and offices. With our wide variety of models and uses the Smart Strip can be a valuable asset to any home or office. Some devices do not make suitable 'Control' devices for the Smart Strip. Explore all models and ask us questions to find the best fit for you so you can start saving energy and money!
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